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TSLS - TypeScript Library Skeleton

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# Your Project Readme Goes Here

This project is used by: You can use ts-project to do things more automatically.

To do things more manually, continue on.

Steps to making this project skeleton your own project base.

  1. Clone this repo:
    git clone YOUR-PROJECT-NAME
  2. Update package.json so that name property matches YOUR-PROJECT-NAME.
  3. Update other package.json fields so that they are accurate.

To check to see if YOUR-PROJECT-NAME is available on NPM, uses this command at the command line:

$ npm view YOUR-PROJECT-NAME # will give you a 404 if the name is available.

This project skeleton uses:

  • the correct semver initial value (npm init defaults to 1.0.0 which is just wrong).
  • typescript 2.9.x
  • nodejs version 10
  • travis/circleci (for automated testing of your library)
  • MIT license
  • good simple default settings for .gitignore / .npmignore / .editorconfig / .gitattributes
  • Transpiling from src to dist folders (by default; you can change it manually)

To transpile files in place, instead of tranpiling from 'src' to 'dist':

update tsconfig.json (remove the `outDir` line):
"compilerOptions": {
    "outDir": "dist"

For small projects with just one .ts/.js file, you can just get rid of the src/lib folder, and put your index.ts file in the root of the project. In that case, make sure to change the main property in package.json from 'lib/index.js' to 'index.js'. Same with the typings/types properties.

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