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NPM .bin wrapper


If you're like me and are not a big fan of having global modules installed on your system as a requirement to get up and running with any given project, then you might find this module handy.

This is nothing more than a wrapper (called npmw) installed on your project root. All it does is to spawn any given command line tool with the node_modules/.bin directory as part of the $PATH.

For example, if your project requires gulp, or grunt to be installed globally (-g), you can drop that requirement, and have them as simple devDependencies on your package.json and run them as follows:

  • ./npmw gulp myTask
  • ./npmw grunt myTask

Another example is ionic, which also requires cordova as a global module. Using npmw you can simply:

  • ./npmw ionic serve
  • ./npmw ionic platform list

And your project is pretty munch self-contained! Win!

Well, as of the time of this write up, npm exec does not currently support passing arguments. You should just use that once it does.

npm install npmw --save-dev

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