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If you're like me and are not a big fan of having global modules installed on your system as a requirement to get up and running with any given project, then you might find this module handy.

This is nothing more than a wrapper (called npmw) installed on your project root. All it does is to spawn any given command line tool with the node_modules/.bin directory as part of the $PATH.

For example, if your project requires gulp, or grunt to be installed globally (-g), you can drop that requirement, and have them as simple devDependencies on your package.json and run them as follows:

  • ./npmw gulp myTask
  • ./npmw grunt myTask

Another example is ionic, which also requires cordova as a global module. Using npmw you can simply:

  • ./npmw ionic serve
  • ./npmw ionic platform list

And your project is pretty munch self-contained! Win!

What about npm exec?

Well, as of the time of this write up, npm exec does not currently support passing arguments. You should just use that once it does.


npm install npmw --save-dev


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