node package manager
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A filesystem that looks like it holds all the node_modules and executables of every npm package


First you need to install FUSE. See this link for more info.

npm install -g npmfs

temporarily mount npmfs


Mount a node_modules folder that (seems to) contain all packages in npm

npmfs ~/node_modules

Now when in your home directory (or any subdirectory) it will seem like every npm package is locally installed.

> typeof(require('dog'))
> typeof(require('cat'))


Mount a bin folder that (seems to) contain all executables in npm

npmfs --bin ~/bin

Then in another shell

#add the bin folder to our path!

Now try to run an executable you don't have like blah or wow. It will automatically install and run it!

install service

First install ndm if you don't already have it.

$ npm install -g ndm

Now install npmfs as a service:

$ ndm install npmfs
[?] npmfs node_modules directory: /usr/local/npmfs/node_modules
[?] npmfs bin directory: /usr/local/npmfs/bin
$ ndm start npmfs

permanently add the bin folder to our path

#if on a mac
sudo sh -c "echo /usr/local/npmfs/bin > /etc/paths.d/npmfs" #mac only
#or on ubuntu (untested)
sudo sh -c "echo 'export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/npmfs/bin' > /etc/profile.d/"
sudo chmod a+x /etc/profile.d/

symlink all node_modules

ln -s /usr/local/npmfs/node_modules ~/node_modules

remove service

ndm remove npmfs

remove the added paths if they were created

#if on a mac
sudo rm /etc/paths.d/npmfs
#or on ubuntu (untested)
sudo rm /etc/profile.d/