A server version of craftyJS. It allows multiple server-client(s) sessions.


This is a nodeJS module. It runs a server version of craftyJS.

npm_crafty adds a logical overlay network on-top of crafty

  • You can create multiple rooms. Each room contains one server and multiple clients.
  • A client can send events to the server. The server can send events to all clients.
  • Define your client & server code in one place, and let the module determine which code to run.
  • Network events are automatically routed to the correct entity instance on the other end of the network.

Go multiplayer today with a minimalistic and easy-to-use net api!

Be sure to check out the documentation inside each folder:

  • The module can be found inside the lib folder.
  • An example can be found inside the example folder.
  • The differences between original crafty library and the modified library can be seen inside the diff folder.


If you have a suggestion or bug report, open an issue. If you want to contribute, open a pull request.


The MIT License (MIT) (See LICENSE)