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An automatic CommonJS Zepto wrapper

Current zepto version: 1.1.6

See for an extended introduction and documentation.

Zepto.js and npm-zepto are licensed under the terms of the MIT License.


$ npm install npm-zepto

Then you can include it using CommonJS as you pleased.

var zepto = require('npm-zepto');

We have desided compiling npm-zepto as a CommonJS type library instead a UMD. Nonetheless if you need a AMD library you can clone the repo an run the amd_build script in order to buil a RequiredJS compatible Zepto library.

Advanced users

Maybe you need a local or custom build of zepto, right? Ok, just clone this repo and build your npm-zepto yourself.


On your favorite git interface make the following:

$ git clone
cd npm-zepto
$ git submodule update --init

Now you have in your computer a copy of npm-zepto.

Default build

$ npm install

Using the local copy of npm-zepto

$ npm link

Depending on your npm configuration, it is possible that you must run npm link with sudo

Build a specific version of zepto

In order to build a specific version of zepto you have to change the zepto submodule commit. For instance, this command secuence compiles npm-zepto with zepto@1.1.3

cd npm-zepto/zepto
$ git checkout v1.1.3
cd ..
$ npm install

Build a custom version of zepto

In order to build a custom version of zepto like it is explained here you must edit the script/build bash file. An explample bellow.

#!/usr/bin/env sh 
cd zepto
npm install
MODULES="zepto event ajax form ie detect fx fx_methods assets data" npm run-script dist
cd ..
if [ -f index.js ]; then
  rm index.js;
cat zepto/dist/zepto.js _index.js > index.js


npm i npm-zepto

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