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NPM Web API Wrapper for Node

A simple collection of useful requests.


npm install npm-web-api


Requiring npm-web-api returns an object of Functions as described below. No new required, nothing to create, nada. In the descriptions, npmapi refers to the returned module instance as if preceded by:

var npmapi = require('npm-web-api')

npmapi.getModulesByUser(username, callback)

Calls callback with either an Error or an Array of module names maintained by username, expressed as a String.

npmapi.getLatest(module, callback)

Calls callback with either an Error or an Object of package metadata for module from it's latest package.json.


This module was initially created just for getModulesByUser. To add more methods, please fork and submit a pull request. However:

  • Please don't add dependencies unless they're necessary. request should meet most of your needs.