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Build Status

A lightweight web-app that implements typeahead search functionality for npm packages.

Try it out here:

The Motivation

npm-typeahead was put together as part of an article for CODE Magazine. It's an attempt to demonstrate Node.js best practices, and covers:


  • npm test: run the mocha unit tests.
  • npm start: run the web-server.
  • npm run-script build: build the client-side dependencies.

Integration With Browserify

npm-typeahead exposes client-side bindings, so that it can be used in other sites, e.g., npm-www.

  • use npm install npm-typeahead --save to add the npm-typeahead dependency.
  • add the following snippet of code to your project,
  npmUrl: '',// URL to re-direct the user to. 
  searchUrl: '', // URL for search npm-typeahead REST server. 
  $: $ // jQuery dependency.