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A utility to wrap: require('/package')

It will also allow you to perform additional operations as well as gracefully autogenerate some info for directly referenced classes (as is common for optional subcomponents). Really, it's just for my own use in protolus-resource and I'd prefer to keep it separate to stay neat.


First include the module:

require.package = require('npm-trospect');

then, use it... in this case we introspect on ourselves:


and we get back the package info, so far no different than a request through require(/package), but if you require a submodule like the optional file body scanner

require.package('npm-trospect/scanner'); get an autogenerated payload with just 'name', 'main' and 'autogenerated'.

Speaking of the scanner, just include it:

require.scan = require('npm-trospect/scanner');

then it will add an entry to the package of 'scanned_dependencies' and combine dependencies as 'combined_dependencies'... for async style:

require.scan(require('npm-trospect/scanner'), function(pkg){
    //do stuff

or sync style, because you are a callous, freewheeling bastard:


if you want to find all commonjs modules inside a particular package you can get a scanned_subpackages entry by:, function(data){
    //do stuff

and you can put it all together with:

require.scan.full('package', function(packageData){
    //do stuff

which also accepts the package data itself.


Run the tests at the project root with:



-Abbey Hawk Sparrow