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npm-owned-modules Build Status

Get the list of npm modules owned by a user.

about it

Since npm doesn't publish any docs for interacting with their API, the best you can do is read through their website repo and try to reverse engineer it.

What I found was that it's just a simple HTTP call which returns a JSON array of modules.

So keep using this module if you want, or just hit up this URL:

Where USERNAME is obviously the users name, like saibotsivad.

Additional GET query params are possible:

  • per_page: Number of results to include on paginated query.
  • page: Zero-indexed page for paginated results.
  • format: Changes the amount of data returned. As best as I can tell the only options are not using it or the string mini.

For example, to get 5 modules from the user saibotsivad go here (even in your browser):

That's it.

using this module

Install it the normal way:

npm install npm-owned-modules

You just call it with a string that's the user name:

var ownedModules = require('npm-owned-modules')
ownedModules('saibotsivad', function(err, modules) {
    // modules array 

The modules list is just a simple array of module name strings, e.g.:

var modules = [
    // etc.