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A small utility to report the result of npm outdated to a hipchat room. If you want your CI server to report what module dependencies are outdated to HipChat this tool is for you.


You can use this on the command line. All you have to do is run the following from your project's directory

npm install npm-outdated-hipchat
node_modules/.bin/npm-outdated-hipchat --project your_project_name --token your_hipchat_token --roomId your_hipchat_room_id

And you will get a message in your hipchat room like the following:

express (3.5.0 -> 4.9.4)

If you have a dependency to epxress set at 3.5.0 and 4.94 is available.


You can specify some options on the command-line:

  • project
    • Required. You need to specify the name of your project
  • token
    • Required. The API token you've got from HipChat.
  • roomId
    • Required. The ID of your Hipchat room
  • color
    • The color the message will get in HipChat. default value: 'yellow'
  • from
    • The name of the sender. default value: 'npm outdated'
  • depth
  • Max depth for checking dependency tree. See the documentation for npm outdated. default value: 0
  • ignorePreReleases
    • If the latest version is a pre-release, it is ignored. default value: true
  • ignoredModules
    • A comma-separated list of modules to ignore from the check