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NPM License Crawler

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NPM License Crawler is a wrapper around license-checker to analyze several node packages (package.json files) as part of your software project. This way, it is possible to create a list of third party licenses for your software project in one go. File paths containing ".git" or "node_modules" are ignored at the stage where 'package.json' files are matched to provide the entry points to calling license-checker.


If you like npm-license-crawler, please consider ★ starring the project on github. Contributions to the project are welcome. You can simply fork the project and create a pull request with your contribution to start with.


Use global installation to be able to run npm-license-crawler from the command line.

npm i npm-license-crawler -g


  • --start directory-path: path to the directory the license search should start from. If omitted the current working directory is assumed.

  • --exclude directory-path: path to a directory to be excluded (and its subdirectories) from the search.

  • --unknown: show only licenses that can't be determined or have been guessed.

  • --dependencies: show only third-party licenses, i.e., only list the dependencies defined in package.json.

  • --production: show only production dependencies

  • --development: show only development dependencies

  • --onlyDirectDependencies: show only direct dependencies licenses, i.e., don't list dependencies of dependencies.

  • --omitVersion: omit version numbers in result (e.g. "npm-license-crawler@0.1.5" becomes "npm-license-crawler")

  • --no-color: (or --no-color) don't show colors in the console output

  • --relativeLicensePath: output the relative file path for license files.

  • --json /path/to/save.json: export data as JSON to the given file. The path will be created if it does not exist.

  • --csv /path/to/save.csv: export the data as comma-separated values to the given file. The path will be created if it does not exist.


Called from the npm-license-crawler installation directory. If called in another directory make sure the given exclude path exists (or omit the --exclude option and argument).

npm-license-crawler  --exclude ./lib --dependencies --csv licenses.csv

Using npm-license-crawler API

See the following example.

var crawler = require('npm-license-crawler'),
    options = {
        start: ['../..'],
        exclude: ['.'],
        json: 'licenses.json',
        unknown: true

    function(error, res){
        if (error) {
            console.error("Error:", error);
        else {


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