node package manager


simple module that allows you to insert the necessary items into redis/couchdb for packages-pagelet to use


Simple wrapper around the pagelet resolve function in order to preheat the cache. Getting data for a package page can consume a lot of resources. Each resolved package can take up to 10 token requests.

Most of the code logic is courtesy of @swaagie

var PreHeat = require('npm-heat-cache');
var options = {
  redis: { auth: 'my_password', host: '', port: 6379 },
  couchdb: { database: 'browsenpm', host: 'localhost', port: 5984 },
  tokens: ['some github tokens'],
  registry: ''
// Create a preheat intance 
var preheat = new PreHeat(options);
preheat.on('error', function (err) {
  // handle redis errors if we care to 
preheat.cache('bigpipe', function (err) {
  if(err) {
    throw err; // what the fuck 
  console.log('successfully preheated!');