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NPM Failsafe

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The npm-failsafe lets you execute a sequence of NPM scripts and return the correct exit code should any of them fail.



npm install --save-dev npm-failsafe


Assume a package.json with the following scripts defined:

"scripts": {
    "preintegration": "bin/",
    "integration": "bin/",
    "cleanup": "bin/"

In this example, we want to execute the integration script. The script runs some integration tests against some server, which means that we need to start the server up before the tests and shut it down afterwards.

The server itself is started in the preintegration phase (check out the node docs to learn more about the pre- and post- commands).

The question is: how do we shut it down?

We could add the following test script to our package.json: "test": "integration && cleanup".

The problem with this is that because of how the && operator works, the cleanup script will only get executed when the integration script succeeds. This is no good because we need to shut down the server even if the integration tests fail.

We could try to use the || operator instead, which executes the second script no matter the result of the first one: "test": "integration || cleanup". However, the problem with this approach is that the exit code of the "integration || cleanup" combo will always take the value of 0, incorrectly indicating that the test script has succeeded. This could for example cause a continuous integration server to publish your project even if the tests have failed...

Enter npm-failsafe!

With npm-failsafe you can execute a sequence of arbitrary NPM scripts and return the correct exit code should any of them fail:

"scripts": {
     "preintegration": "bin/",
     "integration": "bin/",
     "cleanup": "bin/",
     "test": "failsafe integration cleanup"

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