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work in progress

The role of this module is to be a service, or a module used for a service takes the standard npm data structure and splits and transforms it into the various event-sourced documents it should be composed of.

This is very similar to npm-fullfat-registry except forms the data based on a new model.

The main idea here is to take each current document, and divide it into n number of documents where n is the number of versions for the package. Each document will have an _id of package@version and a name property of package.


Listen on changes of SkimDB
On each change
  pause feed
  get versions
  (query view to get list of versions that exist in ev db)
  (filter versions based on this view)
  for v in versions
    fetch attachment/tarball from whichever source
    **Note**No need to do any diffs here as we are assuming each version
    is an atomic unit that will not be changed again
    Insert each new version that was fetched along with the tarball as
    `multipart/related` so we can stream all the things.
  resume feed

note what is in parens is currently not implemented in the present version.


  1. Stars These need to be their own document as well, we will make creating these secondary for now as it is not crucial and can easily be added.

  2. Dist-tags These will need to be resolved in the view on install as we will need a mapping to tag->version.