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    DEPRECATED NPM Audit Continuous Integration Wrapper


    NPM keeps changing the API for NPM Audit and I just don't have the time or inclination to keep chasing their whims. I highly recommend that you switch to using Sonatype's auditjs which is far more stable and not dependent on NPM's Audit API. It instead uses the Sonatype OSSI registry which covers a lot more detail. I have already switched all of my projects. If you would like to take over ownership of this repository and the NPM package, I would be willing to hand it over to someone who proves their intent by submitting a pull-request to handle the latest NPM Audit API.

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    This utility is a wrapper around npm audit --json which allows for finer grained control over what will cause a CI build to fail. Options include setting the severity threshold and ignoring dev dependencies.


    npm install --save-dev npm-audit-ci-wrapper


    npm install -g npm-audit-ci-wrapper


    npx npm-audit-ci-wrapper@latest


    Usage: npm-audit-ci-wrapper [options]
    	--help, -h
    		Displays help information about this script
    		'npm-audit-ci-wrapper -h' or 'npm-audit-ci-wrapper --help'
    	--threshold, -t
    		The threshold at which the audit should fail the build (low, moderate, high, critical)
    		'npm-audit-ci-wrapper --threshold=high' or 'npm-audit-ci-wrapper -t high'
    	--ignore-dev-dependencies, -p
    		Tells the tool to ignore dev dependencies and only fail the build on runtime dependencies which exceed the threshold
    		'npm-audit-ci-wrapper -p' or 'npm-audit-ci-wrapper --ignore-dev-dependencies'
    	--json, -j
    		Do not fail, just output the filtered JSON data which matches the specified threshold/scope (useful in combination with `npm-audit-html`)
    		'npm-audit-ci-wrapper --threshold=high -p --json' or 'npm-audit-ci-wrapper -j'
    	--registry, -r
    		Set an alternate NPM registry server. Useful when your default npm regsitry (i.e. npm config set registry) does not support the npm audit command.
    		'npm-audit-ci-wrapper --registry='
    	--whitelist, -w
    		Whitelist the given dependency at the specified version or all versions (Can be specified multiple times).
    		'npm-audit-ci-wrapper -w https-proxy-agent' or 'npm-audit-ci-wrapper -w https-proxy-agent:*' or 'npm-audit-ci-wrapper --whitelist=https-proxy-agent:1.0.0'
    	--version, -v
    		Output the version of npm-audit-ci-wrapper and then exit
    		'npm-audit-ci-wrapper -v' or 'npm-audit-ci-wrapper --version'


    npm i npm-audit-ci-wrapper

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