node package manager


realtime instant node.js deployment with one command

𝚫 now

The fastest way to deploy a Node.JS service.

In any directory with a package.json, run:

$ now

every time you run it, you get a new URL (unless nothing's changed).

  1. package.json must contain a start task inside scripts. If a now script is defined, that's used instead.
  2. Only files that would be included in npm publish are synchronized. package.json files field, .npmignore and .gitignore are supported.
  3. If a build step is needed, specify a build task in scripts. If now-build is defined, that's used instead.
$ npm install -g now
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  • Slim. No reliance on Git.
  • Fast. Blazing fast sync with deduping.
  • Standard. Respects npm and Node.JS conventions.
  • Easy. No need to specify ports, Dockerfile or config.
-d  Debug mode. Lists all files to be uploaded.
-f  Force. Creates a new URL even if nothing has changed.