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In-memory key/value store for novus-component. This module is included by default when npm installing the novus-component@>=2.1.0 module.

Despite the fact that it was designed to be used by novus-component, you can install and use this module independently if so desired.


Install using npm:

npm i novus-component-store-memory

Setting it up:

import { MemoryStore } from 'novus-component-store-memory';
const store = new MemoryStore();

Getting a key:

// MemoryStore.get(key, def = null) 
let value = store.get('key', false);
// 'value' is false if there was no such key found 

Setting a key:

// MemoryStore.set(key, value, override = true) 
store.set('key', 'value');


Copyright 2016 Michiel van der Velde.

This software is licensed under the MIT License