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    Notion Page To HTML

    NodeJS tool to convert public notion pages to HTML.

    Also available as public API:

    Supported features

    Most of the native Notion blocks are currently supported:

    • Headings
    • Text With Decorations
    • Quote
    • Image
    • YouTube Videos
    • Code
    • Math Equations
    • To-do
    • Checkbox
    • Bulleted Lists
    • Numbered Lists
    • Toggle Lists
    • Divider
    • Callout
    • Nested blocks

    Embeds and tables are not supported yet.

    Why notion-page-to-html?

    It's perfect as content manager system

    • This tool can get any public page from Notion and convert it to html. This is perfect for the ones who want to use Notion as CMS. Once it gets page content from Notion, it becomes completely independent (images are converted to base64 so you do not have to call Notion again to get content). You can convert a page and then make it private again.

    It's fully customizable

    • You can choose how you want to get page content. Do you want title, cover, and icon in html body? You can do that! Do you want they apart of html so you can choose where place it? You have it. Do want html without style? Without Equation and Code Highlighting scripts? Do you want body content only? You have those options too.

    Basic Usage

    Install it in a NodeJS project using npm

    npm install notion-page-to-html

    Then, just import it and paste a public Notion page url

    const NotionPageToHtml = require('notion-page-to-html');
    // using async/await
    async function getPage() {
      const { title, icon, cover, html } = await NotionPageToHtml.convert("");
      console.log(title, icon, cover, html);

    cover is a base64 string from original page cover image. icon can be an emoji or base64 image based on original page icon. html is a full html document by default. It has style, body, MathJax and PrismJS CDN scripts by default. You can pass some options to handle html content.


    options is an object with the following keys

    Key Default value If true
    excludeCSS false returns html without style tag
    excludeMetadata false returns html without metatags
    excludeScripts false returns html without script tags
    excludeHeaderFromBody false returns html without title, cover and icon inside body
    excludeTitleFromHead false returns html without title tag in head
    bodyContentOnly false returns html body tag content only

    Development and testing

    1. Clone this application

    2. Make sure you have node v14 or higher and then install all dependencies

    npm i

    Running tests:

    npm test

    Installing locally in another project:

    npm run build
    npm pack

    Inside your project:

    npm i /path/to/tar/gz

    Docker approach for testing

    1. Make sure you have Docker and Docker Compose installed and then run:
    make test


    We love your feedback! Feel free to:

    • Report a bug
    • Discuss the current state of the code
    • Submit a fix
    • Propose new features
    • Become a maintainer

    Just create a GitHub issue or a PR ;)


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