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Notify me when task is done. This thing can pop a Growl notification, send an SMS/push notification to your mobile, and even speak to you.


You will need node v0.10.31 and npm v1.3.14 (comes with node) or a more recent version in order to start using it.

Once you have node and npm on your machine, install with:

$ npm install -g notifyme



You need to have OSX text to speech available on your machine.


Install growlnotify(1). On OS X 10.8, Notification Center is supported using terminal-notifier. To install:

  $ sudo gem install terminal-notifier

See: node-growl

SMS via Twilio

To use SMS notification, you need to have Twilio account to use their API.

Push notification via Instapush

And to use Push notification, you need to have Instapush account to use their API. Add an application then add new Event with following template:

Event Title: task_done

Trackers: message

Push Message: {message}


Use set command to set configuration:

$ notifyme set key=value

You can configure multiple keys by:

$ notifyme set key1=value1 key2=value2 ...

Available configurations:

  • message - Message to be sent when task is done
  • phone_number - [SMS] Message will be sent to this phone number
  • twilio_sid - [SMS] Twilio SID
  • twilio_auth_token - [SMS] Twilio Auth Token
  • twilio_phone_number - [SMS] Twilio Phone Number
  • instapush_app_id - [Push notification] Instapush application id
  • instapush_app_secret - [Push notification] Instapush application secret

Use config command to show all config:

$ notifyme config


$ long-running task | notifyme [options]

notifyme reads stdin and pipes it to stdout while task is running. After task is done, notification message specified in options will be sent.

$ long-running task | notifyme --by=sms

Notify by SMS to configured phone number. Growl notification is the default method.

$ long-running task | notifyme --sms=66613334221

Overide configured phone number and use 66613334221 instead.

--by        Select notification method e.g. sms, voice, growl, ex. "sms,voice"
--sms       Send SMS to this number instead of using configured number or just "--sms" to use configured number
--voice     Notify by voice eg. male, female
--growl     Turn on/off Growl notification
--message   Custom notification message
--debug     Enable debug mode
--version   Show version


The MIT License (MIT)