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Simple, yet flexible notifications for Angular2 or greater. Why yet another notification library? I found them either too complex or too simplistic and strive for a good balance here. Additionally, it fits in well with Angular Material Design, but is still independent from the material design library!


notify-angular library demo

Live Demo:


npm install notify-angular

Import in your app.module:

imports: [NotifyModule]

Put this in your root component's html:



Inject NotifyService:

constructor (
  private notify: NotifyService
) {}

and use like this:

notify.success('cool beans');

or like this:

notify.error('not cool beans', {
  withShadow: false,
  color: green,
  background: red,
  timer: 500,
  position: {
    top: 0;
    right: 0;


Semver is strictly followed. Now have fun with the library!