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Nothing is a javascipt library and a generate tools help you to create 0-dependencies javascript code.


>npm install nothing

Before run nothing, you need download closure-compiler first.

Now you should define environ variant.

>export CC_HOME=/path/to/closure-compiler

Or you can put compiler.jar to tools folder.


Write script code. just like tests/demo.js :

httpRequest('/account/profile', { query: {username: 'jason'} }, 
  function(err, data){
      formDeserialize($('#userform'), data);

All of httpRequest, addClass, $, formDeserialize are functions defined in client/nothing.js

Now you can use nothing generate you 0-dependencies code.

>nothing tests/demo.js

Is it cool? Do you want to read clearly about the output code? you can pass --pretty or -p flag:

>nothing -p tests/demo.js
  • Dom
    • selector
    • coordinate
    • createHTMLElement
  • CSS
    • hasClass
    • addClass
    • removeClass
    • toggleClass
  • Template
    • String.prototype.format
  • QueryString
    • parseQueryString
    • buildQueryString
  • Form
    • formSerialize
    • formSerializeFrom
  • AJAX
    • httpRequest
  • OO
    • Object.extend
  • Debug
    • console.log
    • console.warn
    • console.error
  • Event
    • Nothing for onDomReady
  • Convert
    • Nothing for toBoolean
    • Nothing for toNumber
    • Nothing for toInteger
  • Validation
    • validateEmail