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No longer maintained, see express-dom


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Middleware for express-notemplate.

Archive an html page rendered by notemplate, along with its js, css, fonts, images, and xhr-requested resources, in a tarball stream. XHR resources are only downloaded once. A simple plugin mecanism allows one to control how resources are added to the tarball. The resulting html page can be loaded locally.

Why ?

Because sometimes we want an automated way to export a complete web page.

Express 3 Setup

var notemplate = require('express-notemplate');
// ...

This will set view.instance.output to a tar stream.


// res.locals.href can be changed here, its basename will give the html
// file name
res.render('myview', {archive:true}, function(err, tarstream) {
	res.set('Content-Type', 'application/x-tar');
	res.set('Content-Disposition', 'attachment; filename="mytarball.tar"');


  • archive Boolean or String If false, notemplate-archive just returns. If true, defaults to "link, script, img, xhr".
  • root Root directory for the archive. String. Defaults to current page basename.
  • mangler function(uri, cb) return falsey or string or object or array cb.request is a facility for downloading buffered data. Allows one to change path and data of each new tar file, and to add files to tar stream by returning an array of {uri:uri} objects. Those objects can optionally have:
    • path : the path of the file in the tarball, defaults to uri.pathname without leading slash,
    • href : the href set on the node attribute, defaults to path,
    • data : the data is fetched using the uri if data has no value. If return value is an object or an array, it will add each entry in the tarball. The first object of that array is bound to the actual DOM node. If this first object is null or its uri, path, and href are falsey, the DOM node is removed.
  • match RegExp, defaults to /.*/ Only matching url are processed, others are left untouched and not included in the archive.
  • archiveStream if specified, this writableStream will be used instead of the default tar stream created by notemplate-archive.



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