Google Translate with speech synthesis in your terminal.


Normit is an easy way to use Google Translate in your terminal.

npm install normit -g
normit 'source_language' 'target_language' 'text'


normit en es "hey cowboy where is your horse?"
=> "Hey vaquero dónde está tu caballo?"
normit fr en "qui est votre papa?"
=> "Who's Your Daddy?"

Parenthesis are not necessary for text data input:

normit fr ru qui est votre papa?
=> "Кто твой папочка?"

Specify a -t (talk) flag to use speech synthesis (requires mpg123):

normit en zh "hey cowboy where is your horse?" -t
=> "嘿,牛仔是你的马在哪里?" # and a chinese voice says something about a horse

You can use normit as a speech synthesizer of any supported language without having to translate anything:

normit en en "hold your horses cowboy !" -t
=> "hold your horses cowboy !" # and an english voice asks you to hold on

Specify a -s (synonyms) flag to get the list of synonyms if available:

normit es en muchacho -s
=> boy
=> Synonyms: boy, lad, youngster, laddie, cully

Idea by Nedomas . See and hear your messages translated to target lang every time you commit:

In ~/.zshrc

export LANG=es
git(){[[ "$@" = commit\ -m* ]]&&normit en $LANG ${${@:$#}//./} -t;command git $@}
  • english - en
  • polish - pl
  • french - fr
  • spanish - es
  • chinese - zh
  • russian - ru
  • automatic source language detection - auto

To find all available language codes visit Choose langauges and their codes will appear in the url.

Works with node 0.10.0 and higher.

To use speech synthesis you need to have mpg123 installed.

For Ubuntu:

sudo apt-get install mpg123

For MacOSX:

brew install mpg123