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Simple hash map implementation with map, filter, each, every and some.


NorkHash is a simple HashMap implementation for node.js.

It was built for Norker but broken out - because, well it's self contained. And why not? You probably won't need it since there are a lot of other HashMap implementations (a lot of them better than this) but - it's still usable.

  • NorkHash does not support multiple values per key, if you write to the same key twice you will just replace the previous value.
  • NorkHash is not built to be extremly robust. You can break it if you try.
  • NorkHash sort of expects that your keys are strings. This is not enforced so be aware.
  • NorkHash has not been profiled, performance is most likely not optimal.

NorkHash is unit tested, not application tested and should be considered experimental. Use at your own risk.

  • Enumerator support: forEach(cb), map(cb), filter(cb), some(cb), every(cb);
  • Sort of unit tested with high test coverage. Warning: writing unit tests is not my strong suit.
  • Methods without a specific return value allow chaining.
npm install nork-hash


var Hash = require(NorkHash);

var hash = new Hash();

hash.put('one', {val:"one"});

hash.puts(['two', 'three'],[{val:'two'},{val:'three'}])
hash.forEach(function(key, val){

Returns int. Size of hash.

Returns self. Inserts new key/value pair.

Returns Whatever you put in it key Get value from key.

Returns Whatever you put in it at key. Get and delete value at key.

Returns self Delete value at key

Returns self. Removes all key/value pairs of hash.

Returns Boolean Return true if hash contains key

Returns Array. Of all values stored in hash.

Returns Array Of all keys stored in hash

Returns self. For each key/value pair in the hash, calls fun(key, value). This call can have side effects. this will be bound to fun().

Returns a new Hash. The return value of fun(key, value) is the new value of key in the new Hash.

Returns a new Hash. The return value of fun(key, value) determines if the key/value pair should be contained in the new Hash.

Returns Boolean True if fun(key, value) evaluates to truthy for one or more key/value pairs.

Returns Boolean True if fun(key, value) evalutes to truthy for all key/value pairs

Version history

Functions that takes a key param now throws a TypeError if the key is not a string or ''

All array methods are removed. Map doesn't loop two times any longer. put doesn't react to put(undefined).

Added pop(key), pops([keys]), clear() and unit test for theese.

First commit, working code.