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Want to build solid information system solely on PL/SQL and javascript easily, no rely on any other programming language or technical stack? develop with NORADLE.



The word NORADLE is combination of node.js and oracle, It aims at

  1. write http servlet in PL/SQL with extremely concise code
  2. with node.js as http gateway, give full http protocol support for oracle environment
  3. node.js accessibility to oracle, give node.js ecosystem a real thustworthy db backend

take a first glance at pl/sql servlet code

bind data into html

procedure bind_data is
  cursor c_packages is
    select *
      from user_objects a
     where a.object_type = 'PACKAGE'
       and rownum <= 5
     order by a.object_name asc;
  b.l('<!DOCTYPE html>');
  o.t('<table rules=all cellspacing=0 cellpadding=5 style="border:1px solid silver;">');
  o.t(' <caption>', 'bind sql data to table example');
  o.t(' <thead>', o.t('<tr>', m.w('<th>@</th>', 'package name,created')));
  o.t(' <tbody>');
  for i in c_packages loop
    o.t(' <td>', i.object_name);
    o.t(' <td>', t.d2s(i.created));
  end loop;
  o.t(' </tbody>');

use json data service to populate chart

create or replace package body chart_b is
    procedure common_preface(default_type varchar2) is
        v_chart_type varchar2(30) := r.getc('chart_type', default_type);
        o.u('<link rel=stylesheet/>', '[animate.css]');
        o.u('<script>', '[chart.js]', '');
        o.u('<script>', '[zepto.js]', '');
        o.u('<script>', '[underscore.js]', '');
        o.t('<canvas#cc width=600 height=400>', '');
        var ctx = document.getElementById("cc").getContext("2d")
         , demoChart = new Chart(ctx)
         , chartType=":1"
    procedure salary_min_max_by_job_id is
        cur sys_refcursor;
        if r.is_xhr then
            open cur for
                select a.job_id, count(*) cnt, avg(a.salary) avg, min(a.salary) min, max(a.salary) max
                    from employees a
                 group by a.job_id
                 order by avg asc;
        end if;
        o.u(' <a>', r.prog || '?chart_type=Line', 'Line');
        o.u(' <a>', r.prog || '?chart_type=Bar', 'Bar');
        o.u(' <a>', r.prog || '?chart_type=Radar', 'Rader');
        $.getJSON(location.pathname+"?data", function(data){
            var salaries = data.$DATA.rows;
            var chartData = {
                labels : _.pluck(salaries, "job_id"),
                datasets : [
                        fillColor : "rgba(220,220,220,0.5)",
                        strokeColor : "rgba(220,220,220,1)",
                        pointColor : "rgba(220,220,220,1)",
                        pointStrokeColor : "#fff",
                        data : _.pluck(salaries, "min")
                        fillColor : "rgba(151,187,205,0.5)",
                        strokeColor : "rgba(151,187,205,1)",
                        pointColor : "rgba(151,187,205,1)",
                        pointStrokeColor : "#fff",
                        data : _.pluck(salaries, "max")
end chart_b;

What NORADLE provide?

  • NORADLE support full dynamic(data driving) web development(whether for html page service or json data service), but more concise than PHP, J2EE, ...
  • NORADLE NDBC make node ecosystem embracing oracle, expand node's realm to serious enterprise information systems
  • NORADLE call out feature extend oracle PL/SQL to access external service/resource, break restrictions

Core thinking

  • use pl/sql stored procedure to implement application/business logic
    • servlet code that access data should be as close as the data, avoid complexity and develop-time and runtime overhead
    • all SQL should be in PL/SQL stored procedure, no string concat, no network transfer
    • no triditional templating, print html/json with concise API, just use pl/sql, introduce no excessive templating language
    • give all function that a triditional servlet tech can provide, but be more concise and easier to master
    • be aware of that middle layer JAVA/PHP/.NET/PYTHON/RUBY... is superfluous, except adding comlexity
    • enjoy the good of oracle, advanced SQL, availility, stability, performance, scalability, tunable...
  • node.js can access oracle, and vice versa, they can aid each other
    • node.js give oracle a http servlet container environment
    • pl/sql can call out by node.js, extending oracle
    • by node.js, oracle became a full servlet container, integrate code and data seamlessly
    • by connectivity to oracle, node.js ecosysetm will extend to the area of enterprise information system

the resource for NORADLE

document site

demo site