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Debug helpers for Node.js apps.


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You can install the module from the NPM: npm install nor-debug

Get current line number

You can use debug.__line to get current line number for debugging purposes.

Get current stack

debug.__stack is used by debug.__line to get the current line number.

Development or production mode tests

You can test for development/production mode (NODE_ENV) with the debug.isProduction() and debug.isDevelopment() which will return boolean values, true or false.

Start the app using NODE_ENV=production node app.js for production mode.

Start the app using NODE_ENV=development node app.js for development mode.

Default is development mode.

Write debug log messages

You may use debug.log(msg, [msg2...]) to write debug messages. This function will only write log if the app is running in development mode. All non-string arguments will be converted to string with util.inspect().

Commercial Support

You can buy commercial support from Sendanor.