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NoInfoPath Kendo UI is a wrapper around Kendo UI in order to integrate it with NoInfoPath Data. It is important to note that this module inplements implied interfaces that NoInfoPath defines. For the sake if this discussion we'll use the generic object oriented notation of "IXyz", where "I" stands for interface. This particular module will implement the IQueryParser, and IQueryBuilder interface.


  • AngularJS
  • jQuery
  • ngLodash
  • noinfopath

Development Dependencies

See package.json for exact version requirements.

  • indexedDB.polyfill
  • angular-mocks
  • es5-shim
  • grunt
  • grunt-bumpup
  • grunt-version
  • grunt-contrib-concat
  • grunt-contrib-copy
  • grunt-contrib-watch
  • grunt-karma
  • jasmine-ajax
  • jasmine-core
  • jshint-stylish
  • karma
  • karma-chrome-launcher
  • karma-coverage
  • karma-firefox-launcher
  • karma-html-reporter
  • karma-ie-launcher
  • karma-jasmine
  • karma-phantomjs-launcher
  • karma-safari-launcher
  • karma-verbose-reporter
  • noinfopath-helpers
  • phantomjs

Developers' Remarks

Who When What
Jeff 2015-08-08T16:38:00Z Creating a new NoInfoPath module.
Jeff 2015-09-15T11:10:00Z Implemented noKendoGrid with noKendoDataSource, which integrates with the NoInfoPath Data Providers.



This factory returns a service that creates Kendo DataSource objects that are compatible with other NoInfoPath wrapped Kendo widgets. The configuration data is stored in the NoInfoPath Configuration database, placed there either by using the NoInfopath Designer or by a developer, creating bare metal applications using the NoInfoPath open source components.

All properties mentioned in the Kendo DataSource documentation are supported with a few tactical exceptions. A few of options are set at runtime by the NoInfoPath Kendo UI DataSource wrapper. This allows Kendo's data aware widgets to work with NoInfoPath's data providers, like the IndexedDB, WebSql and HTTP implementations.

#### Schema Model

When the noKendoDataSource config contains a schema.model then loop through looking for fields that have a type and a parser property and set the parser propety to one of parse functions defined in the parsers collection.

#### config::filter

The filter property requires special processing because it supports dynamic value binding from any injectable data source location. $scope or $stateParams for exmaple.

noKendoGrid (no-kendo-grid) Directive

Creates a Kendo UI Grid, bound to a NoInfoPath data provider, and injects it into the DOM.


Name Descriptions
no-config The name of the configuration node in noConfig.current.
<no-kendo-grid no-config="noComponents.cooperators"/>

Sample noComponent Configuration

      noComponents: {
          "cooperators": {
              dataProvider: "noWebSQL",
              entityName: "vw_Cooperator_Summary",
              noKendoGrid: {},
              noKendoDataSource: {}


Name Descriptions
noForm Name of the noForm configuration to retreive from the noFormBuilderService.
noComponent Name of the noForm component to use for configuration data.
<no-kendo-grid no-form="form1" no-component="grid1" />

Sample noForm Configuration

      form1: {
          components: {
              "grid1": {
                  dataProvider: "noWebSQL",
                  databaseName: "FCFNv2",
                  entityName: "vw_Cooperator_Summary"
                  kendoGrid: {},
                  kendoDataSource: {}

##### change() event handler

Listens on the Kendo UI Grid components change event and transitions the user to the toState specified in the noConfig node for this directive.

##### kendoGrid.editable

When this property is truthy and an object, noKendoGrid Directive will look for the template property. When found, it will be expected to be a string, that is the url to the editor template. When this occurs the directive must wait for the template before continuing with the grid initialization process.




npm i noinfopath-kendo-ui

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