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    Noder - Simple HTTP Server

    This is a simple web server write by node.js. You can quickly start a web server for outside access through one line. It's easy way for frontend web developer to test prototype page and need not to build a apache or other web server.

    Picture: Easy to use of noder!


    Install using npm...

    # sudo npm install noder -g

    PS: The "sudo" will depend on your role of this computer.


    Default, server start at 1337 port...

    # noder
    Server running at

    Advance usage:

    You can also using the parameters to control the host, port for the service listen. And the allow or deny parameters for the filter of user query.

    noder -h -p 8080 -a png,html -d jpg

    You can see the help page for the parameters.

    Help page:

    Open the help page using "noder --help".

    # noder --help
      Usage: noder [options]
        -h, --help                     output usage information
        -V, --version                  output the version number
        -i, --host address <ip>        Specific host, like, default is all ip listened
        -p, --port <port>              Specific port, like 80,3000,8080, default is 1337
        -a, --allow <allow file type>  Specific the allowed file types that seprate by ",", default is all
        -d, --deny <deny file type>    Specific the denied file types that seprate by ",", default is none

    Open Browser

    Browser View (Assump that the test.html exist in the current folder)

    # noder
    Server running at
    Got fileType:html
    <Buffer 3c 68 31 3e 48 45 4c 4c 4f 2e 2e 2e 3c 2f 68 31 3e 0a>

    Log level settup

    We following the log4js to write log, see: If you want to see more log in the program, you can try to modify the environment setting of "LOG_LEVEL": In Linux or Mac, you can export like:

    export LOG_LEVEL=INFO

    In Windows, you can use "set" like:


    Read a md project

    You can use noder to see a markdown project now. Follow the command:

    $ noder -m

    Then the noder will use to be your menu page and render the other md in the main block.


    npm i noder

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