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This module is a transport plugin for Nodemailer that makes it possible to send through SendGrid's Web API!

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Install via npm.

npm install nodemailer-sendgrid-transport

Require the module and initialize it with your SendGrid credentials.

var nodemailer = require('nodemailer');
var sgTransport = require('nodemailer-sendgrid-transport');
// api key 
var options = {
    auth: {
        api_key: 'SENDGRID_PASSWORD'
// or 
// username + password 
var options = {
    auth: {
        api_user: 'SENDGRID_USERNAME',
        api_key: 'SENDGRID_PASSWORD'
var mailer = nodemailer.createTransport(sgTransport(options));

Note: We suggest storing your SendGrid username and password as enviroment variables.

Create an email and send it off!

var email = {
    to: ['', ''],
    from: '',
    subject: 'Hi there',
    text: 'Awesome sauce',
    html: '<b>Awesome sauce</b>'
mailer.sendMail(email, function(err, res) {
    if (err) { 


Licensed under the MIT License.