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An application to trigger nightly builds of Node.js for distribution at if there is new code available on a given branch


$ nodejs-nightly-builder [--type <nightly|next-nightly>] --ref <git head ref> --config <config file> [--force]
  • type: nightly vs next-nightly is a remnant of io.js and not used in current Node.js builds, it is therefore optional and defaults to nightly.
  • ref: normally points to a git branch, e.g. heads/v6.x or heads/master
  • force: can force a build even if one is not strictly required
  • config: a config file for finding and authorising access to the appropriate GitHub repo via the GitHub API. The config file is in JSON format and must contain the following entries:
    • "githubOrg" (optional, defaults to "nodejs"): the GitHub org or user for the repository being checked
    • "githubRepo" (optional, defaults to "node"): the GitHub repository name being checked
    • "githubScheme" (optional, defaults to ""): the scheme for accessing the GitHub repository, including host and other components up to the "org/repo"
    • ***"githubAuthUser"***: the user for which the GitHub API is being accessed by
    • ***"githubAuthToken"***: the authentication token for accessing the API for the given user (e.g. obtained with
    • "releaseUrlBase" (optional, defaults to ""): the release URL base passed to --configure when building Node.js, this is given to Jenkins and passed down in to the builders, the type is appended to the end
    • ***"jenkinsToken"***: the token entered in the Jenkins job for building distributables, required to authenticate API triggered access
    • ***"jenkinsJobUrl"***: URL of the job being accessed, as you would as a normal user, e.g. ""
    • ***"jenkinsCrumbUrl"***: the Jenkins API endpoint for obtaining a crumb for bypassing XSS checks during API access, e.g. ""

The GitHub API is used to check HEAD commits which is why an authentication token is required.

When run, nodejs-nightly-builder will first check whether a build is required. It does this by checking the file at {releaseUrlBase}{type}/index.json, where {releaseUrlBase} comes from the config file and type is provided on the commandline, e.g. Nightly builds contain a commit sha that can be decoded from their version string. The HEAD commit is also pulled from GitHub for the ref (branch) provided on the commandline. If the latest build does not match the HEAD commit, a new nightly build is required. Nightly builds are triggered with Jenkins.

Managed under the governance of the Node.js Build Working Group.

Copyright (c) 2016 Node.js Foundation. All rights reserved.

Licensed under MIT, see the file for details