node package manager



Creates a most frequent scaffold of your node.js project for the first commit.

Why ?

I was awefully insane about creating new node.js projects, creating new github repo, cloning, npm init, .gitignore, travis-ci config, git init ............

I was INSANE about answering questions from yeoman.

We might as well:

nodeinit # and done! 


$ npm install -g nodeinit


$ nodeinit <repo-url> [--email <email>] [--npm_user <npm-user>]

nodeinit can not analysis your email and npm user name from the repo, so you must pass them to nodeinit for the first time you run the command.

After this, the configuration will be saved into ~/.nodeinit.

Also, you could edit the file as you wish.


Usually, you can config your ~/.nodeinit file like this:

email =
; will be saved as `` in package.json 
npm_user = kael
; if not specified, nodeinit will parse the user name from the clone URL. 
user = kael