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    Node.js libgit2 bindings

    v0.0.78 BuildStatus

    Maintained by Tim Branyen @tbranyen and Michael Robinson @codeofinterest, with help from awesome contributors!

    API Documentation

    Documentation may be found here: nodegit documentation.


    Nodegit aims to eventually provide native asynchronous bindings for as much of libgit2 as possible, but we can't do it alone!

    We welcome pull requests, but please pay attention to the following: whether your lovely code fixes a bug or adds a new feature, please include unit tests that either prove the bug is fixed, or that your new feature works as expected. See running tests

    Unit tests are what makes the Node event loop go around.

    Building and installing


    To install nodegit you need Node.js, python and cmake. To run unit tests you will need to have git installed and accessible from your PATH to fetch any vendor/ addons.

    Easy install (Recommended)

    This will install and configure everything you need to use nodegit.

    $ npm install nodegit

    Mac OS X/Linux/Unix

    Install nodegit by cloning source from GitHub and running node install:

    $ git clone git://
    $ cd nodegit
    $ node install

    *Updating to a new version*

    $ git pull
    $ node install

    Windows via Cygwin

    nodegit has been compiled and tested to work with the setup required to build and run Node.js itself.

    Instructions on compiling Node.js on a Windows platform can be found here:

    API Example Usage

    Git Log Emulation

    Convenience API

    // Load in the module.
    var git = require('nodegit'),
        async = require('async');
    // Open the repository in the current directory.
    git.repo('.git', function(error, repository) {
      if (error) {
        throw error;
      // Use the master branch.
      repository.branch('master', function(error, branch) {
        if (error) {
          throw error;
        // Iterate over the revision history.
        branch.history().on('commit', function(error, commit) {
          // Print out `git log` emulation.
                function(callback) {
                function(callback) {
                function(callback) {
          , author) {
                function(callback) {
          , author) {
                function(callback) {
            ], function printCommit(error, results) {
                console.log('SHA ' + results[0]);
                console.log(new Date(results[1] * 1000));
                console.log(results[2] + ' <' + results[3] + '>');

    Running tests

    nodegit library code is written adhering to a modified JSHint. Run these checks with make lint in the project root.

    To run unit tests ensure to update the submodules with git submodule update --init and install the development dependencies nodeunit and rimraf with npm install.

    Then simply run npm test in the project root.

    Release information

    Can keep track of current method coverage at:


    * Updated to work with Node ~0.8.
    * More unit tests
    * Added convenience build script
    * Locked libgit2 to version 0.15.0


    * Updated to work with Node ~0.6.


    * Added in fast Buffer support.
    * Blob raw write supported added, no convenience methods yet...
    * Updated libgit2 to version 0.12.0


    * Many fixes!
    * Blob raw write supported added, no convenience methods yet...
    * Updated libgit2 to version 0.12.0


    * More documented native source code
    * Updated convenience api code
    * More unit tests
    * Updated libgit2 to version 0.11.0
    * Windows Cygwin support! *albeit hacky*


    * More methods implemented
    * More unit tests
    * More API development
    * Tree and Blob support
    * Updated libgit2 to version 0.8.0


    * Some useful methods implemented
    * Some unit tests
    * Some documented source code
    * Useable build/code quality check tools
    * Node.js application that can be configured/built/installed via source and NPM
    * An API that can be easily extended with convenience methods in JS
    * An API that offers a familiar clean syntax that will make adoption and use much more likely
    * Open for public testing
    * GitHub landing page
    * Repo, Oid, Commit, Error, Ref, and RevWalk support
    * Built on libgit2 version 0.3.0

    Getting involved

    If you find this project of interest, please document all issues and fork if you feel you can provide a patch. Testing is of huge importance; by simply running the unit tests on your system and reporting issues you can contribute!

    Before submitting a pull request, please ensure both that you've added unit tests to cover your shiny new code, and that all unit tests and lint checks pass. alpha




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