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control your drone with the Leap Motion controller

Nodecopter Leap Motion

Control your nodecopter with a Leap Motion controller.

npm install nodecopter-leap

The system is calibrated When you put your hand over the device. When you remove your hand, the drone hovers. Each time you put your hand over the device, the position is recalibrated which takes about 1 second.

  • circle finger clockwise: takeoff
  • circle finger counter-clockwise: land
  • forward, backward, left right work by tilting the hand
  • clockwise & counter-clockwise work by moving your hand to the right/left
  • do a flip by keeping one hand over the leap and punching forward with the second hand
node ./examples/fly.js

to run the test, run npm install in the directory and run npm test.

The code is licensed under the MIT license.