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Leech tool for NodeBB

Add a button to leech content from many sources and convert to NodeBB posts.

Admin guide


Install it from ACP > Plugins > Install Plugins > Find Plugins, or using CLI:

npm install nodebb-plugin-leech-tool


After installing this plugin and restarting NodeBB:

  1. Navigate to ACP > Extend > Widgets.
  2. Select Leech Button in Available widgets.
  3. Drag and drop it to whichever widget area you want. You may drop it in global, the button will only show up in appropriate pages (category and topic).



Navigate to ACP > Plugins > Leech Tool. Here you can customize parsing and rendering behaviors.

Note: using leech tool on a category page will create new topic in that category, on a topic page will reply to that topic.



  1. Watch for source changes and rebuild es5 code by babel (for now watching not working)
npm start dev
  1. Watch for es5 code changes and reload NodeBB
cd path/to/NodeBB


Lint (eslint):

npm start lint


npm start test

Code coverage:

npm start coverage

Test driven development:

npm start tdd

Note: grunt won't watch for config files change, every time you change plugin.json or language file, stop and start grunt again.