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a Wordpress 4.0 forum exporter to be required by nodebb-plugin-import.

What is this?

It's just an exporter of Wordpress 4.0, that provides an API that nodebb-plugin-import can use to exporter source forum data and import it to NodeBB's database. So, it's not really a conventional nodebb-plugin.

Why is it even a NodeBB plugin?

it doesn't really need to be, nor that you can use it within NodeBB it self, but, having this as a plugin have few benefits:

  • a nodebb- namespace, since you can't really use it for anything else
  • it can easily require NodeBB useful tools, currently


(tested against 2.5.4) in order to migrate your BBPress forum instead of the core WP stuff, just enter the following in the "Exporter specific configs"

{"bbpress": true}


[gallery] Shortcode note

Since wordpress uses a [gallery] shortcode, this exporter, by default, will automatically replace the shortcodes with HTML

For example, this

[gallery type="rectangular" ids="123,987,002" order="rand"]

will become

<div class="imported-wp-gallery" data-content-index="123"
    <img class="imported-wp-gallery-img" data-id="123" src="" />
    <img class="imported-wp-gallery-img" data-id="987" src="" />
    <img class="imported-wp-gallery-img" data-id="002" src="" />

However, if you are converting HTML to Markdown via the Importer plugun and you're using Markdown plugin which strips all HTML classes and data-attribute, you won't see the the custom classes and stuff.

if you dont like this solution, then you could

  • Don't convert content from HTML to Markdown after the Import
  • Disable the HTML sanitization from the Markdown plugin options
  • Install this plugin, to stay safe
  • Allow the class attribute on DIVs and on IMG tags in the Sanitize-HTML plugin options

Then you can write whatever client-side JS to handle your gallery images however you want.

Don't want [gallery] to HTML?

if you want to keep the [gallery] shortcodes in the original post content, but replace the old ids ids="123,456,789" to urls, i.e.:

[gallery type="rectangular" ids=",," order="rand"]

To do that, you can pass custom JSON value to the importer, in the Exporter specific configs (JSON) field

{"galleryShortcodes": "toURLs"}

Then, on the client side (or even server side using NodeBB filter hooks), you can use something like this WP utility wp.shortcode.js to parse the shortcodes, instead of writing your own regular expression.

Wordpress Versions tested on:

  • WP 4.0

Markdown note

read nodebb-plugin-import#markdown-note

It's an exporter, why does it have 'import' in its title

To keep the namespacing accurate, this exporter is designed to export data for nodebb-plugin-import only, also for a 1 time use.


npm i nodebb-plugin-import-wordpress

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