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It is a boilerplate for node + expressjs + cluster2 + dustjs + mocha.

Quick Start

Assume you have cloned the repository locally and get into the repo folder.

You can run the server in the boilerplate

make clean install server (the first time)
make server
Access http://localhost:8080/

You can run the mocha unit testing alone

npm install -g mocha (if mocha not installed)
make clean install test (the first time)
make test

What it includes

Expressjs with some best practises

  • Routes in seperate files
  • Error handling binded with custom errors
  • Content negotiation
  • Dust.js integrated with consolidate.js
  • Custer2 intrgrated for scalability
  • Mocha integrated for web endpoint testing and unit testing.

Folder structure


put config files for each env, env is read from process.NODE_ENV ###libs utils and libraries ###public img, css, js ###routes route files, refer to base.js. It is better to have modularized route files if project goes big. ###view dust template files ###test test folder, mocha is used.