make tweets from your shell


Small tool that allows to tweet from bash, zhs, whatever..

Install module globally:

npm install -g node-tweet-cli

You will be able to use tweet command in your shell.

Start with authorizing your twitter account and start tweeting :)

There are description of available commands here:

The tweet login command manages authorization flow. It redirects you to where you need to login and get a PIN. Enter PIN in the terminal prompt and "voilà!" - you are able to tweet from your terminal.

tweet login

The tweet logout command unauthorizes your twitter account from node-tweet-cli.

tweet logout

The tweet create command allows you to post tweets into your twitter account. You will be prompted to type a message.

tweet create

or alias:

tweet new

The tweet read command posts message to twitter but reads it from stdin, enabling use with scripting.

echo "your tweet message" | tweet read


tweet read < yourInputFile

The tweet whoami command shows current twitter account name.

tweet whoami
  • tweeting with images

If you have suggestions or found a bug please create an issue here. Thanks!

(c) 2013 MIT License