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    This is a CommonJS module which allows you to connect to any TeamSpeak® 3 server which has the Server Query API enabled. Using the Server Query API, you can do everything a normal TeamSpeak user can do (except sending and receiving voice data) automatically via JavaScript/TypeScript (e. g. listing clients logged in on the server).

    The Server Query specification is available here. I also created a script to import the complete query API from a TeamSpeak 3 server using the help command. This (json) dump will later be used to auto genrate some stuff. It is available as Gist here.

    This is a fork of gwTumm's node-teamspeak which has been ported from JS to TS.


    npm install -S node-ts # install package

    Example Usage

    After registering a Server Query account using your TeamSpeak Client, you can login using node-ts (Alternatively, you can login as the root account "ServerAdmin" which is created during the installation of the server). The following code prints out a JSON-array containing all clients that are currently connected to the first virtual server:

    import { TeamSpeakClient } from "node-ts";
    // Node.js without ES Modules:
    // const { TeamSpeakClient } = require("node-ts");
    async function main() {
    	const client = new TeamSpeakClient("");
    	try {
    		await client.connect();
    		await client.send("use", { sid: 1 });
    		const me = await client.send("whoami");
    		// Log in to use more features
    		await client.send("login", {
    			client_login_name: "##USERNAME##",
    			client_login_password: "##PASSWORD##"
    		const clientList = await client.send("clientlist");
    		await client.subscribePrivateTextEvents(); // Tell the server we want to receive private text events
    		// Register a callback for these events
    		client.on("textmessage", data => {
    			console.log(`Message received: ${data.msg}`);
    	} catch (err) {
    		console.error("An error occurred:")

    Usage information

    • TeamSpeakClient.send is the main method that executes a command. An array with options and an object with parameters can be passed to the send-function. The function returns a Promise. See the TypeScript file for more information.
    • Every TeamSpeakClient instance is an EventEmitter. You can install listeners to the "close" and "error" event. The error-event will only be fired if there was socket-error, not if a sent command failed.
    • If you want to register to notifications sent by the TeamSpeak-Server, you can send a normal command servernotifyregister (consider specification). Any event sent by the server that starts with "notify" is then fired as an event (e. g. as soon as a notifyclientmove notification is sent by the server, the TeamSpeakClient-instance fires the "clientmove" event with only one parameter which is an object containing the given parameters).


    npm i node-ts

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