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    To install node-tip-bot simply clone this repo and install dependencies:

    git clone
    cd node-tip-bot
    npm install

    After installation proceed to the configuration.


    To configure, copy the config/config.sample.yml file to config/config.yml.


    IRC network connection info.

    • host - hostname of the IRC server
    • port - port of the IRC server
    • secure - use secured connection
    • status_command - NickServ command to get nick's login status, ACC on freenode, STATUS on some other networks


    IRC network connection and login info.

    • nickname - bot's nickname
    • username - bot's username
    • realname - bot's realname
    • nickserv_password - nickserv password to identify with


    List of channels to auto-join to.


    Web interface settings.

    • enabled - enabled web admin
    • port - port to bound to
    • users - list of users with access to web interface in name: password format


    Logging settings.

    • file - file to log to. Set to false to disable logging to file.


    JSON RPC API connection info.

    • host - JSON RPC API hostname
    • port - API port (by default 9332 for litecoin)
    • user - API username
    • pass - API password (keep that secure)


    Basic coin settings.

    • withdrawal_fee - fee charged on withdraw to cover up txfee, the rest goes to bot's wallet.
    • min_withdraw - minimum amount of coins to withdraw
    • min_confirmations - minimum amount of confirmations needed to tip/withdraw coins
    • min_tip - minimum amount of coins to tip
    • min_rain - minimum amount of coins to make rain
    • short_name - short coin's name (eg. LTC)
    • full_name - full coin's name (eg. Litecoin)


    Here you can restrict some commands to work only on PM/channel.


    Whatever the bot says. Supports expandable variables (eg. %nick% for bot's nick). By default all config vars from rpc section are available.

    How does it work?

    Every nickname has it's own account in your wallet. When tipping or withdrawing, bot checks if user is registered and identified with NickServ. If so, he moves the money from one account to another, or when withdrawing, transfers coins to other wallet.

    How to run it?

    Before running the bot, you have to be running your coin daemon with JSON-RPC API enabled. To enable, add this to your coin daemon configuration file (eg. ~/.litecoin/litcoin.conf):

    rpcuser=<your username>
    rpcpassword=<your super secret password>
    rpcallowip=<your bot's ip address or just if hosted on the same machine>

    Start The Bot

    To run the bot simply use node bin/tipbot or npm start.

    IF you ger this error:

    npm WARN This failure might be due to the use of legacy binary "node"
    npm WARN For further explanations, please read


    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:chris-lea/node.js
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install python-software-properties python g++ make nodejs


    To change the ticker for your coin edit config/config.yml line 39 - 50 and add your own Cryptsy, AllCoin and BTC-e coin ticker link. Currently only supports Cryptsy, AllCoin and BTC-e. See config/config.yml line 33 - 50, 61 -75, 104 -108 and bin/tipbot.js 267 to 351 to add your own exchange json.


    Command Arguments Description
    balance displays your current wallet balance
    address displays address where you can send your funds to the tip bot
    withdraw <address> withdraws your whole wallet balance to specified address
    tip <nick> <amount> sends the specified amount of coins to the specified nickname
    rain <amount> [max] sends the specified amount of coins to the channel
    networkhps displays the current network hashpersec
    diff displays the current network difficulty
    block displays the current network block
    info displays the current network khps/difficulty/block
    ticker displays your current Allcoin coin price
    ticker2 displays your current Cryptsy coin price
    btc displays the current BTC-e BTC price
    joke displays a random joke
    random displays a random quote
    help displays configured help message (by default similiar to this one)
    terms displays terms and conditions for using the tip bot


    npm i node-tip-bot

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