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node-theseus is a command for launching Node.js scripts for debugging with Theseus.

Theseus is part of a collaboration between the User Interface Design Group at MIT CSAIL and Adobe Research.


  1. Install the Theseus extension in Brackets
  2. npm install -g node-theseus


  1. Start Node.js with node-theseus [yourapp.js]
  2. Open yourapp.js in Brackets

The process will continue to run even after your program finishes so that you can connect to it with Theseus.

The --theseus-port=number option starts theseus on that port. The default port is process.env.THESEUS_PORT || 8888

The --theseus-verbose option prints light debugging output. --theseus-verbose=2 prints heavy debugging output. Those options may be useful for troubleshooting the connection with Theseus.

The --theseus-exclude=glob option excludes the given file path glob from being instrumented. For example, --theseus-exclude='*.js' will exclude all the *.js files in the current directory.

The --theseus-include-modules option causes files in node_modules to also be instrumented. They aren't by default for performance reasons.

The --theseus-max-invocations-per-tick=number option changes the number of function invocations to record for a single tick before pausing trace collection until the next tick. The default is 4096. This limit prevents Theseus from using a ridiculous amount of memory for programs that are occasionally computationally intensive by detecting the intense computation and not recording all of the details.


  1. In your development directory, run:

    git clone git://
    git clone git://
  2. Install each project's dependencies:

    cd fondue; npm install; cd ..
    cd node-theseus; npm install; cd ..
  3. Use the development version of fondue in node-theseus, then install node-theseus globally using npm link, which installs symlinks to the development directory instead of copying the files:

    cd node-theseus
    npm link ../fondue
    npm link


node-theseus is MIT licensed.