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Part Of Speech (POS) Tagger Web Service

This module is a command line wrapper around the npm module "pos". With it you can use the POS tagger from the command line or start it as a REST Web Service.

The "pos" module is maintained by Fortnight Labs.


node-tagger is licensed under the GNU LGPLv3


npm install -g node-tagger

Usage on the command line

tagger Hello world

Usage as a Web Service

Start the service

tagger --port=3000 &

  1. To use only the lexer

curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{"phrase":"Hello worldd"}' http://localhost:3000/ws/lex/phrase

  1. To use the tagger on the result from the lexer

curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{"words":["hello","world"]}' http://localhost:3000/ws/tag/words

  1. To combine the lexer and the tagger in one request

curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{"phrase":"hello world"}' http://localhost:3000/ws/tag/phrase

You can also use the HTML User Interface


Include this as a module in your own project

var tagger  = require('node-tagger'),
    express = require('express'),
    app     = express();

// Lex the phrase, then Tag it.
console.log('Hello World = ', tagger.api.tag(tagger.api.lex('Hello World')));

// Express configuration for ALL environment
app.configure(function () {

// USE: curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{"phrase":"hello world"}' http://localhost:3000/tag/phrase'/lex',;'/tag/phrase',;'/tag/words',;

app.listen(process.env.PORT || 3000);
console.log('Listening|port=' + (process.env.PORT || 3000));

To run the tests

npm test

To deploy on Heroku

Make sure you have an account and the "heroku" command line tools installed. This project already has a Procfile for heroku, the only left is to replace MyPersonalTaggerService by the name you will chose for your service.

heroku create --stack cedar __MyPersonalTaggerService__
git push heroku master

Then open your browser at