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Node friendly version of Alex Gorbachev's great SyntaxHighlighter.


Using the current version of SyntaxHighlighter with nodejs is not straight forward.

Although it can be installed with npm by using the git repo url as package name, it is not obvious on how to use it with nodejs.

node-syntaxhighlighter tries to fix that and expose a nodejs friendly api to SyntaxHighlighter.


var nsh      =  require('node-syntaxhighlighter')
  , language =  nsh.getLanguage('js')
  , code     =  'var nshRocks = true;'
  nsh.highlight(code, language)


<div id="highlighter_310085" class="syntaxhighlighter  ">
    <table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">
                <td class="gutter">
                    <div class="line number1 index0 alt2">1</div>
                <td class="code">
                    <div class="container">
                        <div class="line number1 index0 alt2">
                            <code class="keyword">var</code>
                            <code class="plain">nshRocks =</code>
                            <code class="keyword">true</code>
                            <code class="plain">;</code>

More examples inside examples folder.

Try full page example

After installing the package run pageofself like so:

npm explore node-syntaxhighlighter
cd examples
node pageofself


getLanguage(alias, strict = false)

Resolves SyntaxHighlighter language for given alias and tries to use similar languages if strict is false. Returns that language or undefined if not found.

  • alias: can be any alias known to SyntaxHighlighter or a file extension, e.g.,'javascript', 'js' or '.js'
  • strict: if false similar languages are returned if exact match isn't found

highlight(code, language[, options])

Highlights given code with SyntaxHighlighter language using given options with exceptions (see below).

For more information about options consult the SyntaxHighlighter configuration page.

  • code: the code to highlight
  • language: language object obtained via getLanguage

Option Exceptions:


  • this option is ignored, since node-syntaxhighlighter will automatically find contained scripts inside html and xhtml documents
  • just highlight the page with 'html' alias and code inside recognized script tags will be highlighted using the language specific highlighter
  • for more information consult the inline script examples and the inline script tests


Returns all available styles in the following format:

{ name: 'stylename', sourcePath: '/path/to/style.css' }

copyStyle(style, targetPath, callback)

Copies the given style to the given target path as 'stylename.css' and invokes callback when finished.

  • style: either its name (e.g., default) or one of the style objects returned from ***getStyles()***.
  • targetPath: full path to which to copy the 'stylename.css'
  • callback: invoked either with null or Error if an error occurred

copyStyles(targetPath, callback)

Copies all available styles to the given target path as 'stylename.css' and invokes callback when finished.

  • targetPath: full path to which to copy the styles
  • callback: invoked either with null or Error if an error occurred

Syncing with original SyntaxHighlighter

node-syntaxhighlighter includes a synchronization script which allows staying up to date with the original SyntaxHighlighter.

I will run this whenever a new version of SyntaxHighlighter becomes available and the publish the updated version.

The currently synced version is documented inside package.json as the "version-sync".




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