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This is a template for you to use in your own project for processing one-time Stripe charges. Follow the directions below to get started quickly. You will obviously want to customize this template to meet your needs.

Quick Start

  1. Download - git clone
  2. Install the dependencies - cd node-stripe-charge && npm install
  3. Add Stripe Keys as env variables (see _config.js)
  4. Run mongod in a seperate terminal window
  5. Run the app: npm start or gulp

The database is seeded with an admin user - username: / password: admin


  1. Run - gulp test and/or istanbul cover _mocha -- -R spec


  1. Refactor passport
  2. Update user profile page.
  3. Update admin page. Add charts, graphs, sortable table(s), etc.
  4. Add more tests.
  5. Handle erros better.
  6. Add more products. Add ability for admins to add products.
  7. Add transaction emails via mailgun.
  8. Use Bower for managing dependencies.
  9. Fix message flashing.


  1. 04/23/2015 - major refactor
  2. 03/11/2015 - updated to Express 4.x


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Charge Page


Successful Charge


Admin Page