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A live status bar generator for node.js


Makes a little stdout status bar. Currently something I made to use for tooling in node. Very early/rough stage, changing often.

npm install node-status
// Initialize the item with options

var status = require('node-status')

var pizzas = status.addItem("pizza", {
  type: ['bar','percentage'],
  max: 8

// Start the status-bar

// Increment the item whenever you need it updated

Example output: (More examples in example.js)

Status accepts the following config options on start():

  • invert: defaults to true.
  • interval: defaults to 250. Number of milliseconds per re-draw interval.
  • label: defaults to "Status".
invert: false,
interval: 200

All item options are optional.

  • type: defaults to 'count'. Accepts a single type, or an array of types:
    • function(item){ retun item.count }: specify a type as a custom function to process
    • count: displays the current count. Will display count/max if max is specified.
    • bar: displays a progress bar of ten segments. Only displays if max is set.
    • percentage: displays a percentage to 2 decimals. Only displays if max is set. Precision can be set manually.
    • time: displays the current time since the application started.
    • text: use to display a string value, set as the text property of the item.
  • name: defaults to item name. The label that precedes the count/status.
  • count: defaults to 0 (zero). Can specify a starting count.
  • max: Will cause 'count' type to display as <count>/<max>. Required for some types. Can be a number or a function that returns a number.
  • color: Status uses Color to colorize labels. Specifiy colors as strings.
  • precision: defaults to 2. The precision used in percentages.

Right now, if you have to use console.log after the status bar has started, it can be a bit janky because the stdout line isn't cleared when a console.log is run.

You can utilize an extended console.log by adding this after requiring status.

console = status.console()
  • Add an option to have the bar always at the bottom of the terminal window or just at the bottom of the current page