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A library that can be used to query to SPAR ( SPAR is a service that is provided by the Swedish government for access to data about Swedish citizens. Information on how to gain access to this service can be read on the SPAR website.


Make sure you have your certificate from Steria and the account information you need to access the test servers


Make sure your project depend on node-statenspersonadressregister and then:

import SPAR from 'spar';
const SPAR_OPTIONS = {
  certPath: '', // file path to the certificate from Steria [cert.p12]
  passphrase: '', // The passphrase for the certificate
  kundNr: '', // From SPAR
  orgNr: '', // From SPAR,
  slutAnvandarId: '', // From SPAR,
  baseUrl: '', // url to SPAR
const spar = new SPAR(SPAR_OPTIONS);


spar.personSok(PERSONNUMMER).then((result) => {
  // result is an array of results, should only be 1 entry
}, (error) => {
  // something went wrong, error has more info

More informationänssnitt_ver_1-74.pdf