node package manager



A Node.js and Express.js application starter (cli tool) that can generate some fundamental code automatically for you.


  • ns init <app-name> initializes the app with default package.json and file structure
  • ns new model <model-name> creates a new mongoose schema
  • ns new route <route-name> creates a new route with the corresponding controller


  • to install, run npm install -g node-start
  • the generator assumes the usage of jade as the template engine
  • please modify ns-config.js and package.json, handle git and create favicon.ico manually.
  • there is a user login system that comes with this project; you can refer to it to learn how ns new command generates the proper files.


  • ns init node-app will create the folder node-app and generate the template files
  • ns new model User will create the User schema and model, and is available through require('models').User
  • ns new route User will create the User route file and the User controller, and should be used as require('controllers').User and require('routes')(app)