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Unofficial binary distribution of node-sqlserver

node-sqlserver is a C++ Node.js module used to connect to MS SQL and Azure SQL databases developed by Microsoft. It can be found on npm under the name msnodesql.

This is an unofficial binary distribution of that driver. Here's why you'd want to use it instead of the official one:

  • No need to compile from source (which requires Visual Studio and totally confuses people).
  • It runs on both x86 and x64 and with node versions 0.8 and 0.10.
  • No weird workarounds needed to run on Azure web sites.

Use it on your projects via npm

$ npm install node-sqlserver-unofficial


To try this out locally on your machine, you'll need


test/ is a deployable Azure website that queries an Azure SQL database and displays the result like so

node v0.10.25 ia32.
Query result - 1

Or, in case something goes wrong, an error message like so

node v0.10.25 ia32.
Query Failed
Error: [Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 11.0][SQL Server]Incorrect syntax near 'SELECT'.

The environment is specified in package.json and server.js contains the code.

Before running this, connectionString in server.js must be set to your SQL Azure login credentials. An example would be

var connectionString = "Driver={SQL Server Native Client 11.0};Server=tcp:?,1433;Database=?;Uid=?;Pwd=?";

I also recommend to run it locally before deploying it to Azure. Running

$ npm install

in test/ will resolve the dependencies to test/node_modules/, after which running

$ node server.js

and accessing http://localhost:1337 will display the result.

Copyright and license

This derivative work is hereby released under the MIT license, as made possible by the terms of the Apache 2.0 license of the original node-sqlserver.

Terms available for review in LICENSE.

This work is not affiliate with or endorsed by Microsoft in any way.

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