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A Node.js interface to access the Socrata Open Data API (SODA)

*Note: Work in Progress###


$ npm install node-socrata


'GET' Requests####

Request All Data: default limit: 1000 records

Using a default 'GET' request with no query parameter returns all records and fields in the destination data resource table.

var Socrata = require('node-socrata');
var config = {
  // find a hostDomain from the listSource method
  hostDomain: '',
  // An accessible API table from the host domain
  resource: 'revenue',
  // Create account and register app
  XAppToken: process.env.SOCRATA_APP_TOKEN || 'registered-app-token'
var soda = new Socrata(config);
soda.get(function(err, response, data) {
  // response = json object returning headers, status, path, method
  // data  = json object of table records

__Query Data with Socrata's 'SoQL' __

Use a query parameter object to filter/query the destination resource table.

Parameters Description Default
$select The set of columns to be returned All columns
$where Filters the rows to be returned No filter
$order Specifies the order of results Unorder
$group Column to group results on, similar to SQL Grouping No grouping
$limit Maximum number of results to return 1000 (and a maximum of 1000)
$offset Offset count into the results to start at, used for paging Starts at 0
$q Performs a full text search for a value No search
// Create query parameter object:
// Return ten records & only fund_name and fiscal_year
/** Query Parameters initial "$" is optional **/
var params = {
  $select: ['fund_name', 'fiscal_year'],
  $limit: 10
soda.get(params, function(err, response, data) {
  // data... use it.

'POST' Requests####

To post data to your authorized Socrata tables use the .post method which takes two arguments: data (json) and a callback function which returns the response.

To use the post method, you will have to setup your Socrata username and password in the initial config to execute a successful post.

//  Setup and configure the Socrata table to execute a 'POST' request
var Socrata = require('node-socrata');
var config = {
  hostDomain: '', // The host domain for the table.
  resource: 'my-table', // The table where data will be posted.
  username: process.env.SOCRATA_USERNAME || 'username',
  password: process.env.SOCRATA_PASSWORD || 'password',
  XAppToken: process.env.SOCRATA_APP_TOKEN || 'registered-app-token'
// **Note: Make sure to follow the table's existing schema;
var data = {
  foo: 'bar'
var soda = new Socrata(config);
// Post that data, function(err, response, record) {
  // handle error, response, and record

With a successful post, the callback's record argument will return the number of records created, deleted, and updated. With the post method, records will only be created.

Output generated from the record

{ 'By RowIdentifier': 0,
  'Rows Updated': 0,
  'Rows Deleted': 0,
  'Rows Created': 1,
  Errors: 0,
  'By SID': 0


  • Add 'DELETE' method
  • Add 'PUT' method
  • Add supported data types


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