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General import-once importer for node-sass inspired by Eyeglass.


$ npm install node-sass-import-once --save-dev

Requires Node Sass >= v3.0.0-alpha.5


var sass = require('node-sass');,
    importOnce = require('node-sass-import-once');
  file: scss_filename,
  importer: importOnce,
  importOnce: {
    index: false,
    css: false,
    bower: false

If you are using Gulp or Grunt to compile (or similiar), require node-sass-import-once as normal and pass it as the importer option in to your task.


Node Sass Import Once will ensure that each file import is only imported once. In addition to that, the following options are available:

  • index - Allows folders to contain an index file (index.scss, index.sass, _index.scss, _index.sass) that will automatically be imported if just the folder name is imported. For instance, @import 'partials'; will try and import (_)partials.s(c|a)ss first, then partials/(_)index.s(c|a)ss.
  • css - Allows a CSS file to be imported directly into your Sass files. Simply don't include a file extension, and if it's available as a CSS file it'll be imported!
  • bower - Automatically parses your Bower directory for the files you're requested. Will look for the file in bower_components (or specified directory from .bowerrc), bower_components/{module-name}/stylesheets, bower_components/{module-name}-sass/stylesheets, bower_components/sass-{module-name}/stylesheets, bower_components/{module-name}/sass, bower_components/{module-name}-sass/sass, bower_components/sass-{module-name}/sass. {module-name} is the first section of your import path, so in @import 'breakpoint' breakpoint would be your module name and in @import 'toolkit/kickstart toolkit would be your module name. If you also have css enabled, it will look inside of bower_components/{module-name}/dist and bower_components/{module-name}/dist/css.

If you import a file ending in .js, .json, .yml, or .yaml, the importer will attempt to transform your JSON or YAML into a Sass map, with the variable name being the name of the file.

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