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node-rest-client, but with promises


I found this question and answer on StackOverflow about promisifying the node-rest-client module:

However, it seems the original author didn't share a node module for this, so I did that. Additionally, I had to fix a few small things and document it.

This module provides a promisifed version of the node-rest-client.


This module provides this small function:

  • client(options): Call new Client(options), promisify and return it

The promisified client methods will have a "Promise" suffix:

var client = require('node-rest-client-promise').Client(options);

Please note, that the resolved callback of the Promise will be called with one argument to comply with Promise style. This argument will be an object with the keys 'data' and 'response' reflecting the original arguments of e.g. client.get().

For details about node-rest-client, please see the original documentation